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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  September 30, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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contagious when they show symptoms. doctors say it's only spread through direct contact of bodily fluids. >> all right. it looked like a cold-case murder in san jose was on its way to being solved until a bombshell was dropped today. >> the major missteps from the santa care la county d. a.'s office. >> reporter: is a major embarrassment for the cold case unit. there's a lot of publicity last winter when this case came out when two were arrested, but now those arrested have to be set free. robert walked into court in the shackles and handcuffs of a man accused of murder but he was
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declared a free man. >> [ inaudible ] >> reporter: in the latest twist of a cold case murder mystery, the d. a. was forced to drop murder charges against robert and his brother in the 1989 killing of -- and they're re-evaluating the case. >> we need to look at this case and look at it to see what issues we have and after we resolve the issues, make sure justice was served. >> reporter: kathy was s strangled and her car found at the airport. david's attorney said the case was fabricated from the start. >> he was an innocent person. he was arrested from an overzealous young attorney that looked at evidence and
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interpreted it in the wrong way. >> reporter: but there was a second blunder, failing to turn over documents to the defense as required by law. clark says it's rare for a high profile case to blow up like this. >> it's very of an embarrassment but it's also a tragedy for people who may have been in jail wrongfully and for a victim's family who is looking for suspects. >> reporter: there's the options of refiling against the brothers if there is no -- >> the d. a. refused to discuss any disciplinary actions. both are still employed by the county. just getting details on a tragic jig shooting in san jose, a man kilned front of his own home in what looks like a case
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of mistaken identity. watkins was killed. the gunman opened fire without warning. he is a husband and the father of those two young children and another on the way. police say either watkins more the relatives did anything to provoke that shooting. no suspects are in custody. a thief in walnut creek is caught in the act stealing a wallet from a woman's purse and then putting it back before slipping away unnoticed. >> take a look at. this the woman on the left sits down behind her victim at the tender greens restaurant and full bells around with her sweat shirt before bending down to grab the wallet out of the purse. she played it cool, lifting the cash and credit cards before replacing the empty wallet. the suspect racked up a $3,000
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shopping spree. a manhunt came to an end. the suspect was hiding out in a stranger's home the whole time after the homeowner unknowingly invited him. >> reporter: it was here where the suspect somehow talked his way into a home, so that means with a manhunt underway in a police perimeter set up, the suspect was convincing none to paint himself a victim. >> reporter: a manhunt in this quiet neighborhood, the search ended as the suspect nonchampionship nonchalantly walked his way out. he told them he was jumped and people were chasing him and he needed him getting out of town. >> it's quiet. i've been here 30 years. this was like a movie going on. >> reporter: in the end, the
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only people chasing him were police. still, the would--be good samaritan bought the story. >> the homeowner brought him in and gave him food and offered him a ride out of town, not knowing this was a dangerous signal. >> the manhunt started when police say he used a fraudulent check. tonight he is in jail. >>. >> reporter: we know he's a man in his 60s and police tell me they truly believe that the homeowner had no idea he was a wanted criminal. kpix 5. >> he's also charged with
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resisting arrest since he hid out from police for so long. bolts on the bridge will with stand weather if the bridge is properly maintained, a final report on the steel bolts delivered to the bay ridge oversight committee today. in march of last year a third of the bolts used in the braces cracked when they were tightened and $25 million was spent to replace them. according to engineers, new tests, testing stress and weather exposure say the bolts will stand up, but the committee member says getting the bridge to last 150 years as it was designed to do comes down to how well it's maintained. >> the three factors, , suspects
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septemberable -- the committee says they will wait until november to sign off to allow people to comment. paper operator plastic won't be a question you will hear in california anymore. the governor signed the nation's first-ever stayed-wide ban on plastic shopping bags. grocers will be required to charge at least 10-cents for paper bags. plastic will be phased out starting next year. you it's the governor's last day to act on the pile of bills on his desk. we are in the newsroom with some of the others he signed so far. >> reporter: a lot of new laws. another new law laying down new safety requirements for limo company, in response to last year's deadly limo fire on the san mateo bridge, trapping nine friends on their way to celebrate a wedding, five of those people dying, including the bride. the bill requires modified limos that seat up to
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10 people to carry two fire extinguishers, and the government took action on several gun control bills. one allows people to ask a judge to take firearms away from a family member who appears to pose a threat. that bill was proposed due to a ram pain in santa barbara where the shooter was disturbed, and a patient like this could have prevented the attacks. beebee guns and pellet pellets will have to distinguish themselves, as well the secret service is under fire, high-profile security individuals, including shot fires that were not found.
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a lot more sunshine today, temperatures on the way up, and we're just getting started. october begins tomorrow, and so does the heat wave. how long does it last? the invention by a father and son, a bracelet you put on designed to keep sharks away.
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. the director of the secret service insists the president is safe. >> she takes full responsibility saying mistakes were made when a man carrying a knife blew past security agents. >> i did warn officers and agents to execute appropriate force. >> the directer did not get a clean bill of health at the end of this hearing. >> we need to have an outside
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review of the agency. >> this individual was also drilled on an '11 incident where a gunman fired at the white house. developing news, britain launched its first airstrikes in iraq. they agreed to join the u.s. and france in airstrike missions over iraq. a heavy rain storm stopped 10s of thousands -- a heavy rain storm did not stop thousands out in full force protesting. the group is demanding the chief executive step down. they also want china to back out of candidates if elections. protesters are demanding democratic reforms get salvaged by tomorrow. many people are off work for china's
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national day. a used car buyer is demanding answers tonight. >> she drove it off the lot thinking it was safe. >> what the dealer's inspection did inspect for.
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of. the raiders have an interim head coach, tony spoarranno, less than 24 hours after they fired dennis allen. we have more on the issue. >> it just never stops over there. he is the there raiders' head coach since the departure of gruden. he took over to allen who was 8-28 over 3 season. the g. m. put the pros ter together and clearly he expected more results from a veteran football team. that didn't happen and it was allen that paid the price. >> a lot of it rides on me.
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winning did not materialize, and the way the season began, the first four games, you know, we had to make a change, so that falls on me. >> so let his era begin. he's 52 years of age, the former head coach of the dolphins. he's going to need more of that quick success in oakland if he has any expectations of losing. >> how he does probably reflects on how long reggie says in the g. m. job. >> right. michael michael phelps was
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arrested for a dui. this is his second dui in maryland. the nfl said today reference refer should not have penalized this individual for dropping to his knees in prayer after scoring a touchdown. he said if he ever scored a touchdown, he intended to pray. a lot of people looking to the heavens today saying thank you for this weather. >> a nice day, perhaps the most comfortable day of the next we. >> >> it's october and time for it to get warm. october is one of our warmest months, especially near the water. and that's how it will start tomorrow. a live look outside where we have sunshine. most of us stay clear all the way through the night. oakland, 67. san francisco, 67.
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livermore, 80. boy, is the heat coming. we have rainfall in september. the average rain, a tenth to two at thes, and you can see how far things are out of whack. all had more than double the average rainfall. san francisco nearly tripled, so that's good. the first morning of accident we'll start off on a nice note, 60 in san jose, but things are changing. this big ridge of high pressure way off the shore will park itself right over the top of us. what happens when that happens is that we get mainly sunny skies all the way to the beach and we get the offshore winds, eliminating the ocean influence. we don't have the cooling effect of the ocean, and the offshore wined is here and it will begin
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tomorrow, wednesday, and last through saturday with the two hottest days being friday and saturday where symptom of you at the beach may hit 80 degrees, close to 100 away from the water. so we are sunny and much warmer starting tomorrow and increase the fire danger in the hills, dry and breezy. check out san francisco, 83 degrees. you will be as warm as san jose. close to 90 for you in these areas. we're just getting started because thursday we're hotter. friday, we're hotter and staying hot on saturday. on sunday, we're a bit cooler, and this happens every year in the fall right around this time, but it will be shocking, nonetheless, especially those without air-conditioning. it will be hot in the city for the
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next three or four days, at a minimum. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. keeping swimmers and surfers safe from sharks. >> the invention by one father and son that has big power to keep sharks away.
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a father and son surfing team decided sharing the waves with the sharks was not for them. >> not for us, either. [ laughter ] >> with all the time she they spent in the ocean, they invented shark bands, a magnetic field to ward off the sharks. after inventing the product, they tested it out and the father and sun team swam with the sharks in the middle of a group of sharks, and, lo and behold, they say it worked. a look at what's ahead for the cbs evening news. >> reporter: it's great to be with you in the bay area. we're following the breaking news late today, the first case of ebola
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diagnosed in the u.s. we'll have all the details. plus the head of the secret service was under fire today. we'll tell you about the capitol hill grilling that revealed new details about a white house intruder. those stories tonight on the western edition of the cbs evening news at 5:30 after kpix 5 news. the bay area jobs report. >> millions of military veterans have earned our respect and thanks, but that is often not enough to land a good job. they face national unemployment, and veteran should describe their military title and experience in laymen terms. a new government site, the veteran employment
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center, can help, and this translates military occupation codes, branches of service and paygrades into civilian jobs. check out recruit a site founded and run by a former military marine. it has the jobs in the bay area, including tax consult consultants, among a few.
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thousands of recalled cars sit on used car lots tonight and those who buy them may have no idea that they're driving off the lot in a defective car. >> on the consumer watch, even the nation's largest used car chain admits the 125-point inspection does not include a check of the car's recall status. >> reporter: protesting outside, angela says the largest car chain misled her into buying a document lodge. >> you told us this truck was perfect. >> reporter: the salesman said it posted the 125-point inspection but never mentioned a recall over the rear axle. >> add they said to me there was a recall, there is no way i would have purchased that car. >> reporter: it turns
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out -- [indiscernible] -- and they're not alone. it's estimated 30% of all used cars sold in the u.s. have outstanding recalls that have not been addressed. >> they're misleading people into thinking the cars are safe and they've been fully inspected when they have a safety recall. >> reporter: but this advocate admits they didn't break any laws by selling the cars because they're currently is no law requiring used car dealers to fix a recall. although she does question their efforts, even though they admit they don't fix recalls. recalls. -- [indiscernible] -- >> -- [indiscernible] -- >> reporter: they say this
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salesman violated the recall policy but and finish if they did check for recalls, they say they would not have the authority to complete recall repairs because they would have to be done by the manufacturer, although they did not say why they don't send the cars to the manufacturer to be fixed. as for angela, she says she has learned a valuable lesson. >> don't believe everything that the salesperson is telling you. >> reporter: customers sign a waiver acknowledging does -- [indiscernible] -- and they offered to repurchase the truck. they are also evaluating the recall indicate a base and it may begin adding a 126-point inspection. the database is relatively new, so they are considering adding it. >> the bottom line, when buying a used car, you always have to
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do your own research. >> thank you very much. a look at what is coming up at 6:00. >> the mayor's wife was in a car crush and she's rushed to the hospital, but how that accident is being used as a political tool. also, their head coach was fired, and rumors the team is moving and how raiders' nation is dealing with this. a twist on a toy, why a bay area guy has turned little green army men into yoga dudes. >> warmer weather is here to stay. >> yes. it began today because we lost the cloud cover, beautiful sunshine in the afternoon, and now we'll see the oven turned on. >> preheating happened today, and we'll get up to pretty warm levels tomorrow. >> go to the beach!
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>> yes. >> the cbs evennews is coming up next. >> >> have a good night.


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